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So who is enjoying this phenomenal heat wave that we are experiencing? 
Not me and not my garden! 
When it comes to the heat, I am absolutely useless! A fan, bowls of iced water around the house and cold showers, of course, and none of it works when it is this hot. 
Roll on the thunderstorms tonight! 
Of course we are still working away in the shop, albeit at a much slower pace and with very red faces. Not a good look but at least wearing a mask covers us up so we don’t scare too many people away. It has been very quiet this week and I am guessing that is because you are all at the beach and who can blame you? 
Andrew and I (The husband for those of you who don’t know) did venture out this weekend on a little trip to Aldeburgh, Our first trip out since lock down and the farthest I have been all year! I have to say it was such a lovely change to actually go out and enjoy some quality time together as we have both been so busy with work. 
We went with trepidation, imagining that we would have to turn back home again because of crowds of people but in fact it was fairly quiet. Most people were acting responsibly and social distancing. 
A lovely lunch on the sea front with a glass of Pimm’s and a very cool breeze made it the perfect day. Oh and of course a stroll along the beach with an ice cream. What more could you ask for? 
Spending time with family and friends is something most of us take for granted. With the current situation I think a lot of us have come to realise that we need to make more time for both while we can. 
I would love to hear from you on what you have been up to during and after lock down, how the pandemic has changed your outlook on things and what you’ve been doing to stay cool over the past couple of weeks. 
I have missed chatting with you all in the shop and with limited time it’s not easy to stand and chat, so please share your stories with me. 
You know I am nosey - Haha! 
As always, stay safe. 
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On 13th August 2020 at 21:38, Francesca wrote:
I wish i could have escaped to the beach to cool down....very hot at home so its been a highlight to go to work for the air conditioning !! Will pop in tomorrow for some presents x
On 13th August 2020 at 18:12, Julie Kett wrote:
Ruddy hot.......Robin, my dad and I went to Fynn Valley Golf Course last night, their pizza evening, can highly recommend it. We are going again in 2 weeks time. The Boris deal!! I wish we could have a thunder storm at the moment but hopefully it will cool down at the weekend as predicted. Will pop in soon to see the cushions you put on Facebook!
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