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Wow! What a week it’s been in Needham Market. Scarecrows, witches, mummies and virtual dinosaurs! 
I have never been a fan of Halloween; my children thought I was the worst mum in the world when I wouldn’t let them go trick or treating with other kids. I did, however, buy them big bags of sweets to placate them and we did carve pumpkins, so guess it wasn’t all bad. 
I do however believe in the community coming together to support each other, so when I was approached by Chloe Land to put a scarecrow in our shop window as part of an idea she’d had to involve families and children over the half term school holidays, I was only too pleased to take part. 
Knowing the children wouldn’t be able to do their normal trick or treating this year, Chloe had the idea to create a trail of scarecrows around the village for families to find and enjoy. I don’t think she could have imagined just how many people would get involved. The response has been totally amazing! Chloe and the scarecrows even found themselves on the local BBC news. Well done Chloe, you really did bring a lot of happiness to people. 
Of course lots of people haven’t had the chance to see all the fabulous scarecrows on show in and around Needham Market. Luckily for us we have a postman who just happens to be a very good photographer. 
Kerry Woolnough has been cheering us up throughout lockdown with pictures of wildlife and flowers each day while out on his postal rounds and when the scarecrows started to pop up, Kerry once again put his talents to use to showcase some of the fabulous creations out there. I for one haven’t had the opportunity to visit all the scarecrows, so have looked forward to Kerry’s daily updates. Here are just a few of his photos. 
Needham Lake has also been a hive of activity over the half term with lots of families visiting to find the virtual dinosaurs around the dinosaur trail. You may also encounter one or two zombies roaming around too! You can get more information about this and other activities by visiting Needham Lake Facebook page. 
There are so many people in the community doing other fantastic things too, I obviously can’t name all the wonderful people who help out in our community but I can say a massive thank you! 
I, for one, am glad to be a part of Needham Market and I’m looking forward to the next collaboration. 
I would love to hear some of your stories on what your community has been doing to bring people together. Why not let us know. 
As always stay safe. 
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On 30th October 2020 at 18:03, Kerry The Postman wrote:
Great stuff Maria. It's great when bad things give birth to good things.
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